Viral YouTube videos about parenting that we LOVE!
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Viral YouTube Videos About Parenting That We LOVE!

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Viral YouTube videos cover any subject you can think of. You’ll find viral videos that focus on everything from cats to world news. If you can talk about it, YouTube will have a video for it.

We’ll give you one guess what, us at Moms Uncut, favorite YouTube videos are. If you guessed dogs barking at their own reflection, you’re close! Our favorite viral YouTube videos are the ones that explain how real parenting is.

I mean, think about it. Parenting is kinda like dogs barking at their reflection. Because, aren’t we, as parents, constantly barking at our own little reflection — aka our kids? Woof woof, mamas and papas!

Social Media Moms: Don’t Let Social Media Measure Your Worth

Are you fine with a little vulgar language and truth speaking? If so, we picked out the perfect viral YouTube videos about parenting for you to watch. In fact, our crew at Moms Uncut can’t get enough of these YouTube videos. It’s no wonder WHY they went viral. They speak the truth!

Viral YouTube Videos About Parenting That We LOVE!

First on our list of YouTube videos is from one of the funniest moms on YouTube right now, Kristina Kuzmic. If you spend any amount of time on social media, we’re sure you’ve ran across a video or two of hers.

Kristina has 72k+ YouTube subscribers to date. YouTubers have viewed her videos over 9 MLLION times! So, it’s safe to say, we’re not the only ones who LOVE Kristina’s videos!

She has so many great viral YouTube videos it’s hard to just pick one. As a result, here’s a few of our FAVORITE videos from Kristina.

“You’re normal!” This viral YouTube video from Kristina is perfect. Especially if you’re ever accused of being drunk. When, in reality, you’re a mother!

Kristina Kuzmic: You’re Normal!”

What mom HASN’T hid in the bedroom — or bathroom — and cried?! Sometimes, it’s okay to be good enough. This is one of our FAVORITE viral YouTube videos.

Kristina Kuzmic: “Good Enough”

Check out Kristina’s wine drinking and ice cream eating skills in this viral YouTube video. She speaks the truth in this one. 

Kristina Kuzmic: “I’m not your friend, kid! (Because I love you.)

Make sure you check out all of Kristina’s viral YouTube videos on her YouTube channel. We are NEVER disappointed! 

Other viral YouTube videos we love include the famous “The Parent Rap” video. If you make a bangin’ PB & J sandwich, you’ll appreciate this viral video.

DigitalDeliveryPlus “The Parent Rap Song”

YouTuber Broughington stars in a super, awesome Meghan Trainor mommy spoof. The viral YouTube video has 1M+ views! It’s definitely a hit and so true!

Broughington “Meghan Trainor – NO (mommy spoof)”


These moms sure know how to tell the truth about this thing we call “parenting”. That’s why we LOVE these videos so much! Do you love funny viral YouTube videos about parenting as much as we do? Then make sure to follow Moms Uncut on Facebook. We ALWAYS share our faves there!






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