Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits and More
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Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits & More, Unique as Your Kid

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Our whole squad is CRAZY about this year’s adorable toddler boy Christmas outfits. You see, most of us are moms of an adorable little man or two. So, we like to pretend like we have this whole “mom of boys” thing under control. Plus, you KNOW it’s hard to resist those adorable toddler boy Christmas outfits. If they are lucky, we will embarrass them more by ensuring we match them, too!


Raise your hand if your parents have pictures of you and your siblings wearing hideous matching clothes. Raise both hands if those pictures include a cheesy backdrop and goofy pose. They love to pull those out at family get-togethers. Because ya’ll were sooooo adorable. Unfortunately, I can’t raise my hand. I was an only child. But, I did have cousins close in age that acted, and still act, somewhat like a sibling to me.


Those are the same cousins I had the pleasure of sharing hideous matching Christmas outfits with. At the same, we all attended a small Southern Baptist church. If the church doors were open, we were there. Not all the time was it willingly. But, now I must say that I sure do miss that church family. I spent over 15 years with them. In my opinion, that makes ya family. Anyways, we all attended the same church together.


We went to church every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. While we didn’t always make it, we did attend quite a few Sunday evening services, too. The evening services were always laid back. We could wear t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. You wouldn’t feel out of place. Aside from the elderly church members, that is what everyone else was wearing, too.


Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits and More
Now, this Christmas outfit, I would have rocked willingly as a kid!

Sunday mornings were a totally different experience than the evening services. If you were attending a church service on a Sunday morning you BEST come in YOUR “Sunday Best”. Yep, that means you were going all out. Our hair was always styled with way too much hairspray. Big bows and flowers were snugged tight in every crevice. You can’t forget about the socks we rocked on Sunday mornings either. The cute little white ones with puffy, floral ankles.


YAY for Cute Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits Options This Year!




There is one thing I do remember distinctly about my childhood. Every year, around Christmas time, our church would throw a Christmas party. During this party, families had a chance to have their picture made. This picture was usually the picture used for the church directory.


I didn’t attend church with my parents. Instead, I went with my aunt and two older female cousins. They aren’t much older than me. I would say they are probably five years my senior. So, that was our picture in the church directory. My aunt, my two cousins, and myself.


My aunt usually sported an ugly floral dress in the pictures. I am being totally nice when I say “ugly”. As for my cousins and I, that is a different story. We ALWAYS had the same horrible matching Christmas outfits on. The outfits were loud and poofy. They were almost always accompanied by some kind of wretched headband that matched the outfit perfectly. Our headbands always had some kind of colorful pattern. Normally, the colors matched our outfits perfectly. But, usually, the pattern was totally different and it was a nasty clash.


Honestly, I cringe when I look at those pictures from our past. But, we must have made some sort of impression on the older people in our church congregation. They still comment on how “cute” we were in our matching Christmas outfits. Even though we are all in our early and late 30’s now. Hey, we enjoy the admiration. What female doesn’t? 😉


We are SO glad toddler boy Christmas outfits and everything in between is adorable now!


I am going to try my best and make a promise to my children right now. My hope is that I never make them look as hideous as my cousins and I looked in our matching Christmas outfits. That’s why I am SO glad that the outfits you will find now are absolutely adorable!


Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits and More
Yoo Hoo!! Who rocked one of these Christmas sweaters in the 80’s and 90’s?!


Take for example Gymboree’s holiday collection. Our family LOVES everything about the style Gymboree offers kids. Plus, they always have great sales and amazing prices. You aren’t even limited to your typical red and green options. They bring out the Christmas spirit in grays, blues, and everything in between.


Take for example this super cute sparkle chevron tee from Gymboree.


Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits and MoreHow cute and festive is it? Plus, what says your kiddo can’t wear it above and beyond the holidays? 

My daughter loves this sparkle owl tee at Gymboree. It’s another colorful, but not tacky, option for the holiday season. Plus, if you have two girls, it’s a perfect option to add to your collection of matching Christmas outfits.

Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits and More

There are so many cute options. Plus, they are all 50% off right now!! So, you’re getting a super cute holiday getup and a great price.

They also have super cute toddler boy Christmas outfits, too! Which, if you are a boy mom, is a huge relief. Sometimes it can be hard to find cute and affordable clothes for the little men in our lives.

But, look at all the cuteness Gymboree is offering this holiday season for the little dudes! Including this super awesome Star Wars R2-D2 beanie!



Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits and More



Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits and MoreToddler Boy Christmas Outfits and More


Did we mention how much we just love Gymboree’s holiday collection for our little ones!? Plus, those adorable pajamas would be the perfect addition to your toddler boy Christmas outfits collection.


Psstt.. They are also 50% off now. So, you can TOTALLY snag those PJ’s for $10 right now! There is also free shipping. Winning, right?!


Matching Christmas Outfits for SiblingsGymboree + Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits = Winning!

I’m so obsessed with this year’s holiday collection. So obsessed I wanted to share other cute options you will find. If you snag them now, you’ll save 50% AND get them here by the time jolly ole Santa Claus gets here!Toddler Boy Christmas Outfits and MoreToddler Boy Christmas Outfits and More

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