Surviving Motherhood Makes Your Tribe Thrive
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Surviving Motherhood: You’re Doing It Right, Mama

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Surviving motherhood is one of those things that we, as moms, have to do. I’ve came to realize that it isn’t always about getting it right. It’s about simply surviving. Especially when it comes to being a mom. As mothers, we’re made to believe that motherhood is about being strong, being independent. Pretty much, being a bad behind ninja. With all the things life throws at us, the last thing we feel is strong. Instead, we feel as if we’re just simply surviving motherhood.


Let me be the first, or second, third, whatever, to tell you that surviving is the only thing you need to do. There’s not one of us that hasn’t felt defeated. The whole process is a learning experience. But, just remember one thing. If you’re surviving – you’re doing it right.


Surviving motherhood is the GOAL!


Have you ever looked up the definition of “survive”? Neither had I, until I decided to write this. According to, there’s a few definitions of “survive”. But, the one that really resonates with me is this definition: “to get along or remain healthy, happy, and unaffected in spite of some occurrence”.

Surviving Motherhood Makes Your Tribe Thrive


Now, don’t get me wrong. That may feel a bit far fetched. Especially when you feel defeated. It’s hard to get back to feeling healthy, happy, and unaffected after disaster hits. But, I promise, there’s a point I’m getting to.


Basically, you don’t have to succeed in all things “motherhood” related. Instead, you just have to survive. When you survive, your tribe thrives.


When you’re surviving motherhood, your tribe is thriving!


Have you already experienced your baby walking across that graduation stage? If not, when that day comes, you can say you survived some of motherhood. But, I can only imagine we’ll be surviving motherhood the rest of our lives.


Maybe your case is more similar to a friend of mine. Instead, you may be meeting your 17-year-old daugher at the local jail. She thought it’d be smart to take her mom’s credit cards for a spin or four. So, her mom had her locked up.


Do I agree with her mom’s move? I mean, yeah I do. That’s serious. If she’d do that to her own mom, imagine what she’d do to someone she doesn’t even know. Now, you may not agree with me. That’s totally cool. No judgement zone.


Social Media Moms: Don’t Let It Measure Your Worth


Regardless of her daughter’s mistake, she didn’t leave her daughter’s side after she was released. Her daughter was still able to come back home. Under strict rules, of course. She also didn’t seek to lessen the charges. That’s real life stuff.


Her daughter didn’t live a hard life. Yet, her mom still holds a lot of blame on herself for the incident. Mostly because she feels as if she should’ve had her cards more under wrap. But, none of us are perfect. We all slip, we all fall. The important thing is that we get back up after our fall.


If your kids are healthy and taken care of, you won’t always get it right, mama. That’s okay. Because, right now, you need to survive motherhood so your little tribe can thrive.

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