5 Uncensored Memes That Explain Parenting Perfectly

Parenting Memes That Explain Parenting Perfectly

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Parenting has its ups and downs. We live for the memories. But, at the same time, sometimes we literally shrivel under exhaustion. In fact, sometimes the only way to handle it is to laugh about it.


If you’re a parent, you’ll love these 5 uncensored memes that explain being a parent perfectly. Hey, it’s only fair that we get to enjoy a laugh once in awhile.

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5 Uncensored Memes That Explain Parenting Perfectly

1. Didn’t our parents always warn us our kids would wreak havoc 10xs more than we ever did? Well played, karma. Well played.



Twitter via @Ask_ADad


2. Toddlers are a different breed. Fun, but different.

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Posted by Kids Tshirts on Freitag, 3. März 2017



3. Uhm, yes please. Is this some kind of miracle or something? Winning!




4. YOU are in charge! Just remember that..

Twitter via @momcognito


5. Dammit, we can’t even eat chocolate and ice cream in privacy.

Twitter via @zoobookoo



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