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New Year, New Me! – Positive New Years Vibes

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“New Year, New Me!” Before the New Year begins, how often have you heard or seen that phrase? I’m assuming pretty often. I’ve noticed that the phrase gets a lot of negative attention on social media. With many people sharing meme’s insulting people who say this phrase. Some people will post a status ranting about people who coined the phrase “New Year, New Me!”. Our take on the popular phrase is a little bit different. 

Alright, who made a resolution for the New Year? Let me know in the comment section below your thought on the whole “resolutions” deal and if you made one or a few. As for myself, I did not make one. Now, you’re probably thinking I’m about to go on this HUGE bash on people who make New Years Resolutions. But, nope, I’m not.

In fact, there are two reasons why I don’t make them. The first reason is that I think it’s important to strive to be better every single day. My second reason is that I have MOM BRAIN! I can’t remember to do jack. Nope, not even simple resolutions. Sure, I’d love to have it “all together”. I’d love to say my family has these awesome holiday traditions. But, nope. I’m still learning.

I don’t even go on the whole “New Year, New Me!” craze. Well, I’m sure I did when I was younger. But, I don’t remember. So, I guess I won’t count those times. But, I’m not a hater of the phrase. In fact, I’m not really a hater of anyone’s opinions. Except for people who torture babies, kids, and animals. I have a little bit of an opinion on that. That’s a story for another day. Anyways, I applaud the people who shout “New Year, New Me!”. New Year, New Me

“New Year, New Me!” Why is the Phrase Mocked? 

One thing I’ve noticed, as a social media user, is that the phrase “New Year, New Me!” is often mocked. People will post meme’s insulting people who say the phrase. Some people will even post a status update and share their opinion on people who say the phrase.

So, why do people do this? From what I’ve noticed, in most cases, the person is targeting those people who never meet their “resolutions”. The people who seem to either regress or not progress over the years. Then again, some people mock the phrase because they definitely aren’t changing who they are. For this, if you’re happy, I applaud you, too.

While I’m all about freedom of speech, I question why people would mock those who use the phrase? The reason behind my opinion is due to personal experience. While I don’t want to bore you with a story about my life, I want to share a summary of it. I want to do this in order for you to see why I think we should back off people who say “New Year, New Me!”.

Why I Support a “New Year, New Me!” 

About two years ago I went through a prescription medication addiction. I began lying to family, friends, and even my work in order to get the medication. The thing was, I even had my own personal prescription for the medication. But, I would take so much that I would often run out early. So, I’d turn to people who also had the medication available and use the money we really didn’t have to buy it from them.

Because I felt “good” on the drugs, I didn’t realize what I was becoming. I never recognized my attitude shifts when I came off the medicine or when I was on the medicine. Although, I did have extremely bad days when I hadn’t had any in a few days. Slowly the people who I was once close to began fading from me. My co-workers began acting differently towards me. I noticed when I was acting differently towards them. New Year, New Me

But, instead of having most of them stick by me, they left my side. Never making me aware of my behavior. Honestly, they probably assumed I knew how I was acting. They also didn’t know the influence I was under. That is until it all came to light thanks to two people who did stick by my side.

These two people did bring my addiction to light to others. When it first started, I was angry at them. I wanted to cut ties with both of them. The sad part was, one was family and the other was my spouse. They never gave up on me though. Sure, when my lies came to light, they acted differently towards me in the beginning. But, they never left my side. I mean, can you BLAME them for acting shady towards me? What I did to them was shady.

Without their encouragement and not feeling the need to give up on me, I was able to succeed. If I wouldn’t have had their support, there’s no telling where I would be right now. Probably in a much crappier situation than before. I probably would’ve lost my whole family. Thankfully, they did not let it get that far. They saved me before I went over the edge. But, if their encouragement wouldn’t have been there, I probably wouldn’t be writing this right now.

That is the main reason why I completely applaud people who say “New Year, New Me!”. Maybe I have seen the person say the same phrase every year and never accomplish anything. But, how supportive have I been towards this person? Maybe it was my encouragement that they needed in order to feel the need to push towards a positive self. Maybe they get beat down at home about their hopes and dreams.

While I totally agree in order to get anywhere you have to put an effort in and forget what everyone else says. But, as someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression, there is something else I can vouch for. Sometimes, when you feel as if nobody believes in your dreams, you don’t see a reason to “try”. Sure, your family and children are great reasons to achieve greatness. But, words can sting and too many unbelievers can make it hard to really want to meet those lifelong dreams.

So, if you’re shouting “New Year, New Me!”, I applaud you. 

I bet you’re going places and I have faith that you will reach your goals. Also, I know next year you’ll be shouting, “New Year, New BETTER Me!”. Because you got this.

From our Moms Uncut family to yours, we wish you all a happy, prosperous, and “New Year, New Me!” 2018!



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