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National Beer Day 2018: Meet Moms Uncut Buzz & Freebie!

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National Beer Day was yesterday, April 7, 2018! Maybe we don’t get out of work or anything for it. But, still, we think sometimes a beer — or 10 — is great for us to, well, remain a decent human being. Then again, that can be the complete opposite for some people. Either way, if you enjoy a beer, we hope you were able to enjoy National Beer Day! 

Is celebrating a holiday like “National Beer Day” super weird?! I hope not. Either way, we all have our opinion on alcohol. Some of us shame it. While others glorify it. Then, of course, some people could really care less about the topic. Honestly, the whole beer topic could go either way when it comes to happy or sad endings.

Not to down the holiday or anything, but my childhood experience with beer was far from pleasant. My stepdad was an alcoholic. Let me be politically correct, a raging alcoholic.He physically and verbally abused me on a regular basis. As well as attempted to molest me one time when I was in 7th grade.

Every time these things happened, he was drunk as a skunk. But, for him, being drunk as a skunk was an every night thing. Ugh, I still remember his favorite beer. Budweiser.

I think those memories kept me away from beer for so long. The smell of it made me want to puke. The first drinks I tried were drinks like Bahama Mamas and Sex on the Beach. Ya know when I was like 15-years-old. Because I was a responsible (dumb? curious?) teenager.

National Beer Day 2018: I Celebrated It!

Honestly, I don’t think I tried my first beer until my 21st birthday. So, I guess I did something in a legal way for once. That’s when I discovered, while I didn’t love the taste, I could tolerate it. Then I discovered flavored beer and realized it was cheaper than my fancy mix drinks.

I can now say I’m now an official beer drinker. Ok, maybe that’s taking it too far. I’m an official sissy beer drinker. I enjoy the malt flavor beer. But, still not a huge fan of the others like regular Bud Light or Coors. But, I do love Bud Light’s Watermelonrita. That is my favorite.

That’s why, of course, I celebrated National Beer Day 2018 drinking one or three Waltermelonritas. In fact, while I was celebrating National Beer Day, I created a freebie for ya’ll!

But, before we get into the freebie, I think in honor of National Beer Day, we should go ahead and make our announcement.

I can’t think of a perfect time than now to introduce to you our newest addition to Moms Uncut. Moms Uncut Buzz!

Introducing Moms Uncut Buzz on National Beer Day!
Introducing Moms Uncut Buzz on National Beer Day!

Moms Uncut Buzz is an exclusive community and extension of our brand that the Moms Uncut team is building. Our goal is to keep this community as a gift to everyone who visits Moms Uncut.

That’s why access to Moms Uncut Buzz material will be available to subscribers only



But, subscribing to the Moms Uncut Buzz community is totally free. It only requires that you answer a few short questions and you’re in. You’ll have access to Buzz member-only deals, freebies, and giveaways.

The things you don’t see live on the blog or social media.

We still do not have a date for our launch of Buzz, yet. But, we will post here and on social media when that time comes.

It is recommended that if you ARE interested in being a part of the Buzz community, that you go ahead and register. Since our plan is to add “exclusiveness” to the community, we will cap out our membership acceptance.

Introducing Moms Uncut Buzz on National Beer Day!Introducing Moms Uncut Buzz on National Beer Day!

Introducing Moms Uncut Buzz on National Beer Day!






You can apply for your Buzz membership subscribing below.


National Beer Day 2018 Freebie!



If you, or someone you know, enjoys beer, I crafted up some cute beer bottle labels free for the taking! I created them in honor of National Beer Day. There are four labels altogether. You can download the FREPDF by clicking below.

Download your freebie in honor of National Beer Day!
Download your freebie in honor of National Beer Day!










Did you celebrate National Beer Day this year? If so, you know we want to see pictures! Drop them below or use the hashtag #momsuncut on social media! Make sure you’re also following us on social media. You never know what we might sneak in!




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