Mother-in-Laws: Genius Memes That Explain The "In-Law" Life

Mother-in-Laws: Genius Memes That Explain The “In-Law” Life

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I have to be honest. When I was married my mother-in-law and I had an awkward relationship. First, let me be completely honest. It takes me a while to warm up to people. My ex-husband and I were together about 10 years. That is if you combine when we dated and were married. I didn’t really become completely comfortable around his family until after after our daughter was born. That was about 5 years after we met.


We visited his parents often. They visited us often. In fact, we lived in the neighborhood across the street from theirs. So, visiting everyday wasn’t a rare occassion. Especially after our daughter was born. His parents adored our daughter then and adore her now. But, like most mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships, his mom and I often clashed. This began before I was pregnant and especially after our little girl was born.


The head butting became worse after her son and I were divorced. See, even after our divorce, she volunteered to watch our daughter while I worked. She didn’t ask for payment. She just wanted quality time with her. But, the quality time was becoming an attachment issue. There were many nights in a row she begged me to let her stay the night. I’d always agree because I remember the bond my grandparents and I had. That’s when all hell broke lose.
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Once the visits became more frequent, she questioned almost everything I did as a parent. Only to turn around and apologize very shortly after. I’m talking just a few hours after the initial argument. When I began dating an old boyfriend from high school, shit really hit the fan. They went as far as getting a lawyer to take our daughter away from me. They even called the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) on me.


Let me tell you, having to deal with DFCS is awful. For one, getting anyone to return a phone call is awful. It also doesn’t matter what you’re doing — you could be at work — they want you to come home with your child right then. Then they want to interview you and your child privately. Then they look in every room of your house. These guys even look in your fridge! I mean, I get it. They have to follow up on any and all accusations. But, still, it is a pain in the ass!


The DFCS case was, of course, dismissed. They couldn’t find anything there. I treat my kids better than I treat myself. Eventually, she apologized to me. I get it. We’ve all made haste decisions when angry. While I still think it was an asshole move, I’m over it. Actually, I think that incident has brought us closer.


Silly, huh? Call DFCS on me and then we’ll become best friends. Sounds totally absurd. But, I think by having someone come in my home who doesn’t know me and reporting back to her how awesome I am really helped ease her mind. Let’s face it, grandparents worry. They worry a lot. It is what it is. The past is the past.


Now I can honestly say my ex mother-in-law has become my best friend. We text on a regular basis. She still won’t let me knock on the door when I come over. I think she would actually feel insulted if I did that. She constantly reminds me that I will always be part of the family and family just walks in. I still call before I come, though. Retired people can get crazy. The last thing I want to walk in on is some naked Twister between her and her husband.


Does Your Mother-in-Law SUCK as Much as These Mother-in-Laws?


Some mother-in-laws can be plain evil when it comes to expressing their opinions though. Thankfully, mine always critiqued and insulted me in the most loving way ever. That sounded like a total oxymoron. There’s so many pissed off daughter-in-laws out there. I’m sure you’ve seen a social media rant or twenty about mother-in-laws and grungy family in general.


If you and your mother-in-law have a great relationship — that’s awesome! But, if you’re one of the unfortunate ones, you’re probably going to LOVE these rants from other daughter-in-laws. Here’s a few rants from social media users about their sucky mother-in-laws.


This mother-in-law was so awful that her daughter-in-law created a whole Facebook page dedicated to bashing her! We don’t know what she did, yet. Obviously, it’s bad.


Mother-in-Laws: Genius Memes That Explain The "In-Law" Life



As of this post, we aren’t sure why the lady above despises her MIL. Simply because she hasn’t added any other posts than the initial one. She could just be releasing some rage. Then again, this evil, evil mother-in-law may have attempted to kidnap her children. Who knows?


One thing we do know is that the daughter-in-laws below aren’t about sugar coating ‘ish! That’s why their MIL rants and MomsUncut are the perfect combination!


Honestly, we feel super bad for Reddit user cherrycokecowgirl. C’mon now. Don’t mother-in-laws KNOW women are super jealous creatures?!


Mother-in-Laws: Genius Memes That Explain The "In-Law" Life



Reddit via user cherrycokecowgirl


Females aren’t the only one going after MILs. There’s a few disgruntled males out there as well. Take Anton Rubaclini for example. The guy who sent an SOS tweet on Twitter at an attempt to have his mother-in-law deported!

Twitter via @AntonRubaclini


There’s actually a safe place for bitchin’ about your mother-in-law on Reddit. The forum, “Shit your MIL says?”, has well over 400 comments. As well as over 1,100 Reddit points. So, obviously, there’s a lot of mother-in-law stories there.


Including this one from Reddit user missus_b. We don’t know who Michelle is. But, she obviously knows what it takes to be a good daughter-in-law. Unlike us clueless bitches, right?


Mother-in-Laws: Genius Memes That Explain The "In-Law" Life


Reddit via missus_b


There is so much favoritism nowadays. Families no longer get together and enjoy everyone and their time together. Instead, holidays are spent in separate places. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and even grandparents choose which children to associate with. So, when you’re trying to be apart of a family, being singled out can be painful.


Sure, we all try to be tough ‘ish. But, the reality is, we’re all humans. We have feelings and those feelings can and will be hurt. Reddit user dirtypaws proves that with their post in regards to their rude step MIL.


Mother-in-Laws: Genius Memes That Explain The "In-Law" Life



Reddit via dirtypaws


We think Reddit user silly87 has won the top prize in regards to having an awful mother-in-law. It’s proven in her comments, that she updates on a regular basis, on Reddit.


Mother-in-Laws: Genius Memes That Explain The "In-Law" Life


Reddit via silly87


Even Reddit user alittleperil is confused about the “holy water” part. We wish silly87 all the luck in the world in continuing a happy marriage. They’re going to need it.


Mother-in-Laws: Genius Memes That Explain The "In-Law" Life


Reddit via silly87

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