Mom Fails: Perfect Mom Fail Tweets

Mom Fails: Celebrating and Relating to These So-Called “Mom Fail” Tweets

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Moms, we know you have a tough job. You’re a maid, chef, taxi driver, doctor, and teacher. You kiss boo boo’s. Plus, you always act silly to make your kids smile. But, sometimes, life can make things hectic.

It’s time to say the hell with stereotypes and worrying so much. We have enough shit to deal with! That’s why we here at MomsUncut want to CELEBRATE mom fails. That’s why we’re sharing some tweets that badass moms recently tweeted.


These aren’t fails, mamas! They are life. Here’s 10 mom fail tweets that are hilarious but totally justifiable! 😉

1. Kids, ALWAYS remember: you lie and you WILL die!


Twitter via @EvaVBGibson


2. OMG! I think the ironing board has FINALLY been reinvented and replaced with something FUN!

Twitter via @MeaganMHarris


3. Teaching entrepreneurial skills at a young age. What’s wrong with that? We support up and coming Shark Tank stars!

Twitter via @LinderJaime


4. Should’ve saved the bean burrito for yourself. Extra long bathroom breaks!

Twitter via @Riley_Kayleen


5. Ugh! Why must us “moms” be such evil, wretched people?!

Twitter via @HolliCrear

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6. Uh, Subway for lunch?! Is this a #momfail or proof that this mom is awesome?

Twitter via @jessie_teddy94


7. When your 6-year-old tells you how they REALLY feel.

Twitter via @FunneeMommy


8. Ayeee! Stoner babies deserve meme’s about themselves, too!

Twitter via @loriyerry


9. We all deserve to get a little wild once in awhile, right?


Twitter via @CassiekJones


10. Aww, all you did was add a little bit of extra exfoliation to his bath time! 😉

Twitter via @DanaFisherWLTX

Have a #momfail you want to share with MomsUncut? Send it to us at We’ll notify you if we decide to feature yours!


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