Mom Confessions: Enjoying Those Little "Mom Struggles"

Mom Confessions: Enjoying Those Little “Mom Struggles”

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Alright, mamas. Let’s talk mom confessions. We all know how tough motherhood can be. The struggle is REAL! Can I get an amen?! But, we all know something else. Being a mama is something none of us would change for the whole wide world.


Let’s be real for a minute. Although we love our chitlins, sometimes silence is effing GOLDEN! I mean, my 5-year-old has already filled me in 73 times that a kid got a “frowny face” in school. The best part is that she gets this done before I even have breakfast ready! That girl can TALK.


Being a mom changes a lot of things. Going to the mall no longer involves finding an outfit for bar hopping that night. Instead, going to the mall involves praying you’ll find a babysitter so you can find a dress perfect for school pictures.


But, sometimes, you can’t find a babysitter. So, instead, you spend over an hour packing your emergency “make the kid happy” kit. All while arguing why they can’t wear their Superman costume to go shopping.

Then again, you may give in. Because, let’s be real, some battles are just not worth it. Plus, you know a lot of old folks will gush over your little Superman. While other moms, carrying their perfectly dressed little person, will scowl at your organization and parenting skills.

But, you can always give the “perfect moms” the finger when your little one turns away. Unless you’re a true badass and want to do it in front of your kid. I mean, you don’t want them to be a pussy do you?! Totally kidding.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not at the mall. Because, dammit, I can’t afford the mall. Instead, you’re probably at WalMart.. shopping the clearance section. Using the money you got back from scanning your receipts on their app. Yeah, totally guilty. Kids are expensive!

I have to be real with ya’ll. Once you taste freedom, it’s hard to want to turn away from that. I mean, we all love our kids. Even if we don’t always like them. But, sometimes, as moms, we have to be extra sneaky to get some time to ourselves. Even if it is just a few minutes.

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Moms go hilarious lengths just to get a little bit of peace and quiet! That’s why I’m sure ANY mom can relate to these hilarious mom confessions that explain just how REAL the motherhood struggle is!


Awesome Mom Confessions


Twitter user @reallyRenee has it all figured out when it comes to conquering “mom life”. This includes realizing that coffee is pretty much a necessity. Hey, a mom has to do what a mom has to do!



Twitter via @reallyRenee


We think Twitter mom, @Psycho_Mommy2 is absolutely genius. What kid is going to go dippin’ into a bag of frozen corn?! I know mine never would. Getting them to even eat anything other than chocolate is almost impossible as it is.


Twitter via @Psycho_Mommy2


I’m a huge fan of the Little Remedies brand as it is. Their medicine was a saving grace when my daughter was younger. But, one of their Facebook status took the cake. I mean, let’s be real, what mom HASN’T done this? 😉


#MomConfession: Halloween is a win-win! Take your little one trick-or-treating to show off their adorable costume & then keep the stash of candy for yourself. 🍭

Gepostet von Little Remedies am Montag, 3. Oktober 2016


Facebook via Little Remedies


Facebook mom, Nancy Gibbs, knows how important Starbucks is to a lot of us moms. Unfortunately, our kids have picked up on our devotion to the ‘bucks. As a result, we’re constantly hearing “Can I have some?!”. I’ll do anything for love.. But I won’t do that!


Mom confession: when you volunteer to go pick up the needed items for dinner, even though your husband said he would, so…

Posted by Nancy Gibbs on Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017


Facebook via Nancy Gibbs


What’s one of the things you’ve done for a little silence? Send us an email with your funniest mom confessions at Who knows — we may feature your mom confession here on MomsUncut!

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