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7 Learning Toys for Babies and Toddlers Under $15

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Finding the perfect learning toys for babies and toddlers is difficult for me. It isn’t because my 2-year-old is hard to please. I mean, come on, he’s 2-years-old. Don’t get me wrong, I know a few 2-year-olds who are quite obvious about what they want. Thankfully, for the most part, my little one is laid back. In fact, he’s super easy compared to his 6-year-old sister. It’s difficult because there are thousands of possible learning toys for babies and toddlers on the market! As some who is super indecisive, it’s hard for me to chose. 

We are literally in the home stretch of the holidays. Actually, you probably already smell the turkey cooking. Unless you’re like me. Then, well, there isn’t a turkey in your home. Thankfully, we are celebrating Thanksgiving this year with my uncle and his wife. They live directly across the street from us. So, it’s super convenient. Plus, my kids love them.

After Thanksgiving comes the well, the fun part, I suppose. Especially if you’re a maniac about Black Friday. In my 30 years on this Earth, I have attempted Black Friday twice Wal-Mart. The first time was so long ago I can’t remember the end results. The second one was just a few years ago. I left with a panic attack. Needless to say, I haven’t been back Black Friday shopping since.

Now, one thing I will do is browse or shop online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Because, ya’ll, then I NEVER have to experience a crowd. Just a wait. It’s the best. It doesn’t involve long lines, no parking spaces, angry customers, or putting pants on! So, please, YES. Sign me up for ONLINE Black Friday shopping.

If you’re planning on hitting the stores (online or off) this Black Friday, what are you searching for? If you’re like me, you have quite a variety of people in mind. Most of my shopping will consist of searching for learning toys for babies and toddlers, arts and crafts gifts, and cheap stocking stuffers. Honestly, my family is more about the kids when it comes to gifting during the holidays. We want it to be super magical for them.

Learning Toys for Babies and Toddlers and More! 

I know a lot of you moms out there are a lot like me. You’re indecisive when it comes to your kids sometimes. Especially when it comes to Christmas presents. With so much competition out there, you want them to have it all. But, for most of us, reality hits. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to give them everyone else in the neighborhood is getting.


Christmas hasn’t always been about the latest $2,000 TV. It hasn’t always been about gaming systems that cost $500+. Nor smartphones that you have to take a loan out to pay for. Nope. Christmas has not always been about that.

My fondest memories of Christmas during childhood isn’t any of the gifts I got. In fact, I can’t remember any gifts. What I can remember are our trips to see relatives out of town. As well as eating Christmas breakfast at my grandaddy’s house every Christmas morning. The things I remember are the times we spent together.

That is something I am trying really hard to instill in my children. My oldest, she’s 6-years-old, is your typical “I want everything I see” kid. Including her 2-year-old brother’s toys, clothes, and even shoes. Which, let me tell you, none of which fit her at all. But, despite her desire to “want” things, I have been blessed that she is not one to throw a fit when she doesn’t get her way. She is very grateful and super understanding.

The Moms Uncut squad wanted to share some of our family’s picks for gifts this Christmas. We created a mini holiday 10-page gift guide. The “Moms Uncut: Holiday Gift Guide 2017” will be released 11/23/2017. Yep, on Thanksgiving. The day before Black Friday. That is in hopes you can find even better deals on some awesome Christmas presents!

Our gift guide is completely random. We created different categories that our family was familiar with. Then we rolled with the punches. If you’re a little awkward like us, we know you will enjoy it. Unfortunately, if you’re big on organization, you may be disappointed. But, still, give it a shot!

7 Learning Toys for Babies and Toddlers Under $15

In honor of the launch of the “Moms Uncut: Holiday Gift Guide 2017” we wanted to give you a sneak peek into one of the sections of the gift guide. Which is a list of some amazing learning toys for babies and toddlers you can snatch up for under $15!

If you’re screaming inside at the thought of $15 — like myself may — don’t worry! The gift guide will also have amazing gift options that are even under $5! You’re going to love it. We promise!

As I mentioned above, we’re declaring 2017’s holiday gift guide as a “mini-version”. That’s because you’ll have to check our blog posts for our full list! More info on that below.

Let’s go ahead and give ya what you came here for. Great learning toys for babies and toddlers. Here’s the first selection coming straight from a page out of the “Moms Uncut: Holiday Gift Guide 2017”.

SEVEN Learning Toys for Babies and Toddlers 

Learning toys for babies and toddlers
Here’s a sneak peek at six amazing learning toys for babies and toddlers. Straight out of our upcoming “Moms Uncut: Holiday Gift Guide 2017”!


1. Fisher-Price Giggles N’ Growls Monster $9.19

2. VTech Turn & Learn Driver $11.59

3. Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Books $12.99

4. LeapFrog Scout’s Learning Lights Remote $10.99

5. VTech Lil’ Critters Roll & Discover Ball $14.99

6. LeapFrog Chat & Count Smart Phone $12.88

7. VTech Drop & Go Dump Truck $11.89

All of our squad from Moms Uncut has some personal experience with each of our recommendations above. We know how much our own kids love them. We’re sure yours -fingers crossed- will, too! 

If you’re looking for more learning toys for babies and toddlers make sure you bookmark Moms Uncut. Throughout the holiday season, we’ll share posts loaded with more holiday gift options for 2017.  







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