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Spooktacular Kids Halloween Costumes We Can’t Resist

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Snagging adorable kids Halloween costumes can make Halloween that much more fun. Experiencing your little one waddle around in a super cute costume is the best. But, let’s be real. Sometimes picking out your kids Halloween costumes can turn into a drag. Especially when there are SO many options!


We will admit, the end result is usually worth it. That is if your child decides to cooperate with the whole process. For example, last year my daughter decided the DAY of Halloween she no longer wanted to be Owlette from PJ Masks. Instead, she wanted to be Batman. Well, what she doesn’t realize is, costumes cost money. Plus, I KNOW what happens when you go out looking for a costume ON Halloween. It’s awful!


At the end of the day, I won the battle. She enjoyed trick-or-treating as Owlette. Of course, she had to let almost every house know how upset she was about it. Because, of course, Batman is way cooler than Owlette.


Anyways, that’s beside the point. My point is, if you and your family celebrate Halloween, finding a great costume can be imperative. Afterall, a great costume equals great pictures. We all know pictures are a great way to capture memories. It’s also good blackmail for when they are older. I mean, of course, if you’re down with that type of thing.



Kids Halloween Costumes That are Affordable


One thing our household doesn’t have is a lot of money. As much as I’d love to shell out $80+ for my kid’s Halloween costumes, it just isn’t possible. I’ve even tried to go the “make your own Halloween costume” way. On the real, I don’t follow directions well. So, those were always a bust. For me, it’s just easier to buy a cheap Halloween costume for my kids. They’re really only going to wear the costume once.


That’s why I always shop around when I’m looking for Halloween costumes for my kids. I also don’t go all out with the special FX. We may complete the look with a wig or glasses. But, I’m not good with makeup either. That’s a no-go, too.


Sometimes, for us, finding that perfect Halloween costume for our toddler can be difficult. But, this year, we found a super cool tool on the website Costumes4Less.com. The tool actually gives you ideas on what you’d like to be on Halloween. Check it out here.


Find the perfect Halloween costume for your kids with this tool!


The tool is super cool. There are a lot of different options you can pick from for your  kid’s Halloween costume. You can even plan your own costume with the tool. I also like that you can set a price limit. That helps with keeping our “budget” in tack.


Kids Halloween Costumes


We used the tool looking for my 6-year-old daughter a Halloween costume. We are absolutely in LOVE with some of the choices it gave us.


Like this Pikachu costume. She’s a huge Pokemon fan. It’s no surprise it caught her eye. Well, it didn’t just catch her eye. My 2-year-old son is obsessed, too!


Super cute Pikachu Halloween costume for kids



I’m pretty sure the Pikachu costume would be a little big for my 2-year-old son, though. But, I have to admit I LOVE this cowboy Halloween costumes for toddlers. Come on, it’s super cute! 🙂


We love this cowboy Halloween costume for kids!


My daughter actually LOVED this kid’s Minecraft Halloween costume. But, if you read what I wrote above, we’re all about that budget. Unless I can snag a 90% off coupon, we won’t be able to make it happen. Thankfully, I have an awesome kid and she understands. Well, she tells me she does.


Awesome Minecraft Halloween costume for kids


My son fell in love with this child’s dinosaur Halloween costume. I can’t say I can really argue with the price either. Plus, the costume itself is super a-RAWRRR-able. See what I did there?


These are super adorable dinosaur Halloween costumes for kids


Oh! If you have a girl who is a little more “girl” and loves Pikachu, check out this dress Pikachu Halloween costume. Super duper cute!


This it the perfect Pikachu Halloween costume for a little girl!


Ya’ll, this is only a MINISCULE sample of what this website has. If the Halloween costume you’re looking for isn’t on their site, you might as well go homemade.


You can see everything by clicking on the banner ad below. They also have super great prices, too. Which is, of course, very important to me.


Do you have kids you’ll be dressing for Halloween this year? I hope you’ll share some awesome pictures with us!


Amazing kids Halloween costumes at an affordable price

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