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7 Easy Sewing Ideas Perfect for Holiday Gifts

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Ya’ll, my cousin and I have found some amazing easy sewing ideas. In fact, these sewing ideas are PERFECT gift ideas for the holidays. She just got a brand-spankin’ new sewing machine. Since I’ve owned a sewing machine or two, she reached out to me for ideas. We put our two heads together and came up with a fantastic idea. We could refresh my “skills” and begin hers by finding easy sewing ideas.


Merry Christmas, ya’ll! Okay, it isn’t officially Christmas yet. But, we are in December. So, I feel as if it is safe to go ahead and start using the phrase. We’re past the turkey and dressing. Bring on the mistletoes, jolly cheer, and crowded malls! Unless you are like me and the thought of a mall sends you into pure PANIC MODE! That is why I have gone more towards the “DIY Christmas Gifts” and good ole online shopping this year.


Actually, about two weeks ago my cousin called me to let me know about her new sewing machine. You see, she is far from new to this whole “crafty” thing. She’s used a Cricut machine for quite some time now. The whole sewing machine thing is totally new territory for her though. That is why she reached out to me.


I’ve owned a sewing machine in the past. In the past, I somewhat knew what I was doing with a sewing machine. I wouldn’t exactly call what I knew “skills”. But, I could sew simple things. The pillows I made seemed like they deserved “Winner Status” to me! That’s why I told her that I would be happy to help her. But, I would have to brush up on my skills some.


Thankfully, we are quite the team. Always have been. We put our heads together and found some great easy sewing ideas. These ideas are easy enough she can start sewing some great things right away. Plus, they will help me refresh the sewing “skills” I once had. Overall, I would say it is a win/win situation.


8 Easy Sewing Ideas Perfect for Holiday Gifts

One of the other perks of these easy sewing ideas is they are GREAT gifts for the holidays. As a parent, I know the last thing on a kid’s Christmas list is a handmade gift. Unless you decide to get super crafty and sew up one of those super cute mermaid tails. Maybe those are crochet. Anyways, these easy sewing ideas may not be ideal for the tech-savvy middle school kid. But, I bet your kid’s teachers, your neighbors, and other adults will cherish them!


Easy Sewing Ideas
These easy sewing ideas are perfect for holiday gifts!

Image: Sewing Machine

1. Colorful, Easy to Sew iPod Holder




This may be one of the easy sewing ideas a tech-savvy kid will love! Let’s be honest, that’s usually if it’s already stuffed with an iPod. But, if you know a teen who already has an iPod, this is the perfect accessory to go with it!


You can find the full tutorial on how to make this super cute gift here.


2. A Cozy Sweater Sleeve for Coffee Mugs

If you are a regular on Pinterest, I am sure you have seen the adorable sweaters that hug coffee mugs and cups. They are pretty popular in the DIY section. They are also, of course, one of the greatest easy sewing ideas.


Even if you aren’t thinking about gifting one. You know you want to make one for yourself!


You can find an amazing, and very detailed, tutorial on how to make this on the Our Crafty Home blog.


3. Adorable Easy Sew Puff Quilt

I have to be honest and say that I love quilts. Embarrassingly, when I was younger, I always pictured quilts as just an itchy throw old people had on their couches and beds. But, I can freely say now, I am just shy of 30 and quilts are amazing.


Especially adorable puff quilts! With endless design possibilities, it is easy to put together a quilt that will make anyone’s Christmas!


HoneybearLane offers a great tutorial and PDF pattern for an adorable puff quilt. You can find the pattern at her Etsy shop.

Easy Sewing Ideas
Easy sewing ideas like this puff quilt are perfect holiday gift ideas!

Image: Sewing Machine

4. Anthropologie Scarf

Any fashionista is going to love to receive a super cute Anthropologie scarf for Christmas! Thank goodness sewing one, with any fabric you pick, is possible! So, the possibilities for this part of our easy sewing ideas are endless!


If you are looking for an amazing tutorial for this sewing idea, check out this blog post over at Sewing In No Mans Land.


5. Camera Strap Cover

Another sewing idea from HoneybearLane is this beautiful quilted camera strap cover. This is literally going to be a great gift for any photographers in your life.


Many of us — guilty here! — are still snapping photos with our smartphones. But so many of us have upgraded to nicer camera options for our Instagram pictures.


6. Toy Fishing Pole and Magnetic Fish

The next idea, we think, definitely deserves a spot in the “Easy Sewing Ideas Perfect for Holiday Gifts”. Especially if you’re like most of us who celebrate the holidays with little ones. It’s a great idea for babies and toddlers.


This idea comes from Make It & Love It. The toy fishing pole actually reels in the fabric magnetic fish! It’s a super cute idea for little ones.


Easy Sewing Ideas: Toy Fishing Pole and Magnetic Fish


7. Fabric Slippers

I’m pretty sure any mom or grandma would gush over receiving an adorable pair of handmade fabric slippers. You can even go all out and pick a fabric that matches your person’s personality.


Pretty Prudent provides an easy to follow tutorial and free pattern for the slippers here.


Easy Sewing Ideas Will Make Your Gifts a Hit!

I’m sure you agree that these easy sewing ideas will be someone’s most cherished Christmas present. In our house, we believe homemade gifts are the BEST gift. I’m happy to report that even my 6-year-old feels this way. Raise ‘em right. 😉


If you are a whiz, for the most part, with the sewing machine, I say go for it with ALL of the projects above. I bet you could knock them out within a day.

Easy Sewing Ideas
Easy sewing ideas perfect for holiday gifts!

Image: Sewing Machine


If you need a refresher to create these easy sewing ideas, check out Sewing Machine. Anything you need sewing machine related you are going to find. You will find everything from accessories to classes to help you freshen up — or begin — your awesome sewing machine skills.  


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