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DIY Car Kits Perfect for Car Enthusiast

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DIY car kits are the go-to gift for the car enthusiast in your life. Especially if you have a budget on your Christmas list. If you own, or have owned, a car you know modifications, repairs, and all that jazz is not cheap. So, if you want to give a gift to a car enthusiast that says: “We get it, dude! You love your car!” while still slaying at budgeting — DIY car kits are the way to go.


I have a friend who is absolutely crazy about her car. Well, not just her car. She has quite the obsession with ALL cars. In my opinion, she should seek a career as a mechanic. Not only does she have every possible modification on her car, she installed all of them on her own. She even does all of the maintenance and repairs on her car. As well as family member and friend’s cars too. We call her the “car whisperer”, seriously.


Of course, I would love to fund her car projects. Unfortunately, life has decided otherwise and decided to place my Christmas list on one of those “budget” things. But, she is super difficult to buy for. She is one of those people who claim they don’t want anything. Aside from her car obsession, I can’t think of any hobbies or likes she has. Ugh, I’m a horrible friend.


After thinking about it forever — okay I thought about it for about a day — I found the PERFECT solution. A DIY CAR KIT! Read that previous sentence — I found the perfect solution. Of course, my brain was not coming up with any ideas. Thank goodness for Google. Yes, as always, good ole Google found the solution to my problem. Endless clicking through DIY car kits here I come!


When I do a project, I am not much on following directions when it comes to supplies needed. This is because most of the time I am on a strict budget. If I don’t have it, or if it’s not affordable, I am more likely nixing or substituting it. Instead, my projects are a combination of different projects. This usually results in an affordable disaster that people pretend to like.


DIY Car Kits
DIY car kits perfect for the car enthusiast in your life!


DIY Car KIts for Car Enthusiast

The best thing about the car enthusiast in my life is that we have been best friends since we were in diapers. So, one of two things will happen when I give her my combination of “DIY Car Kits” as a gift. She will tell me it is ugly but will still use the products in it. The other option is that she will pretend to like it not to embarrass me because she knows I will make it up to her. Girls night out on me?


If you are craftier — and richer — than I am, you will love the following ideas for DIY car kits. Even if you love YOUR car, you can treat yo’ self with these cute DIY car kits. Craft nights and spoiling yourself is a win/win situation.


If you know a roadie who loves his or her car, head on over to this post on Jillee’s blog, “One Good Thing”. She will teach you how to create your own DIY first aid kit for on the road.


On the other hand, if you know a car enthusiast who has little ones, you may want to check out this blog post over at VivaVELTORO. You will learn how to create a DIY anti-boredom car kit for kids that is no-fail! Yes, please!


Over on the iHeart Organizing blog, you can find out how to create an organized car kit with everything you would need on the road. Including tips on organizing your glove department. Who doesn’t need that bad boy a little more organized?


Of course, if you’re crafty, you can add your own touch to a trash can for your enthusiast’s car. This can even be added to any of the DIY car kits. Fabulessly Frugal has a great post on ways you can create your own DIY car trash bins.

DIY Car Kits
DIY car kits perfect for the car enthusiast in your life!

Image Source: Sanford and Sons Junk Cars


Does YOUR Car Deserve One of These DIY Car Kits?

I can’t say I love my car as much as my friend does. After a hand of bad luck, I lost my real pride and joy. It was a little Mazda 6 that I worked hard to get. But, bad decisions ended our relationship. Now, I am back to riding around in my first car that I got in 2002.


Thankfully, we have tried our best to keep the little car’s maintenance up. As a result, she is still is pushing up those hills. Although, unfortunately, I believe her time is near. That will be a sad, sad day. She was my first car ever.

If it seems like your clunkers time is near, and you’re in metro Atlanta, check out Sanford and Sons Junk Cars.They will put your old friend at rest and reward you with cash. Maybe even enough to put down a down payment on that other car you’ve been looking at.

They even offer towing, too!

DIY Car Kits
DIY car kits perfect for the car enthusiast in your life!

Image: Sanford and Sons Junk Cars


Don’t worry, your old car won’t be sad. You two had a lot of good years together. Maybe not years, maybe just months. Regardless, it was a good relationship. You could even make yourself feel better and create one of the DIY car kits above as a present for your new car.


But, if you’re not into cars and you’re still stuck with your car — I am sure you still know a car enthusiast. We bet one of these DIY car kits will make their day!

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