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Christmas To Do List for This Holiday Season

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How is your “Christmas To Do List” looking so far? I know, we are already in December. Obviously, our Christmas to do list should have been completed months ago. Well, we have a running joke in our family. We joke that we are all going to be late for our own funerals. We do have one item marked off our Christmas to do list — the Christmas tree is up! Although, it is missing quite a bit of ornament. But, that’s because our 2-year-old does not think ornaments belong on the tree. Because they are balls and they should be THROWN!


Alright, give it to me straight. How many of you are model human beings and have already checked off every single item on their Christmas to-do list? (I’m secretly keeping my fingers crossed that it is only 0.5% of ya’ll.) I am NOT the model human being when it comes to being ahead of the game. How I wish I was sometimes. But, I have come to accept my differences.


As for me, all we have done is put up the Christmas tree. Sure, it has lights and a couple ribbons that we pulled through the tree. It is lacking in ornaments this year. My 2-year-old thinks ornaments are footballs and baseballs. After he throws one he always congratulates himself with a loud and proud, “Good throw!”. So, we skimped on the ornaments this year.


Thankfully — yes, I said thankfully — we aren’t the home that hosts Christmas. I mean, the kids’ open presents in the morning. We have our Christmas morning breakfast. But, the last thing you will find at our house is an extra 30 kids and 15 adults. It always seems as if the kids outnumber the adults. Maybe it just feels that way. Anyways, we don’t host. So, we don’t do a ton of preparation.


My Christmas To Do List

We do the typical putting the Christmas tree and decorations up together. As well as the Christmas movies, lights, and everything in between. Once in awhile, we will even bust out the festive cookie cutters. Surprisingly, my kids aren’t huge fans of sprinkles and icing. That means less decorating and sometimes less mess.


My own personal Christmas to do list has a bit more than what my family plans on doing. For example, I am the gift buyer for everyone. Yes, even for the people I barely know. Thank goodness for gift guides. I also am the one who gets the ingredients and cooks the Christmas breakfast. Oh yeah, I wrap all of the gifts, too. I am guilty of wrapping on Christmas Eve. Every single year.


Actually, I will stop talking about what I have to do. We all know pretty pictures are MUCH better! Here is a visual look at my Christmas to do list.

Christmas To Do List
Here’s a look at our family’s personal Christmas to do list.


Of course, if you’re simple like me, feel free to download it and use it as your own. It’s totally printable!


Are Home Improvements on YOUR Christmas To Do List?

I know very well how stressful it can be when you get that unexpected phone call from a relative or friend. You know the one that tends to comment on how “lived in” your home looks. Sure, they seem to come off as being sincere. But, we all know that one person.

Christmas To Do List
Wood countertops are a top priority on my Christmas To Do List for next year!

Image: Premier Surfaces


For example, my family and I live in a 1950’s home. We have lived here since January 2011. When we moved in the original carpet was still in the house. As well as the original, well, everything. Including that beautiful asbestos siding that we are still blessed with. It is expensive to get that stuff removed.


Throughout the years we have hit quite a few financial hurdles. We wanted to start our renovations in the bathroom. Well, there was a huge surprise for us when we began removing tile and flooring. The whole foundation of that bathroom was basically shot. We had to reframe the whole thing. That was about two years ago. We still haven’t been able to afford to add the baseboards, wall coverings, or vanity and its plumbing, yet. We do have beautiful new tile installed!

If you’re doing any remodeling for the holidays, check out the beautiful options Premier Surfaces offers. Our next project will be our kitchen. Yep, it is as outdated as the rest of the house. Besides the appliances. We did manage to get new appliances. When that time comes we are WITHOUT A DOUBT investing in the wood countertop options Premier Surfaces offers.

Christmas To Do List
Even this layout may land on a future Christmas To Do List. I love the cozy feel!

Image: Premier Surfaces


I am all for the whole modern farmhouse feel. Yes, I am from Georgia. That’s why I can’t WAIT for our kitchen to rock those wood countertops. Just imagine how beautiful a wood countertop would look with festive holly or a vintage snowy scene. Drooling already.


You’re Going to Knock Your Christmas To Do List Out The Park!

If you aren’t an overachiever — I mean awesome — person and already have your Christmas to do list done, come over to the dark side with me! We will tackle this together!


Maybe you get like I do sometimes and you have nixed the idea of getting it right this year. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Sometimes we just don’t WANT to do it all. That’s okay. You deserve a break, too.


Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right!


From all of the Moms Uncut Squad, we hope you have the MERRIEST of Christmases!

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