Back to School Blues
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Back to School Blues: Parents Get the Blues, Too!

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Back to school blues. This is something many kids are feeling right now. For most of them, they’ve enjoyed a summer full of later bedtimes. As well as fun in the sun, topped with ZERO alarm clocks. Now, it’s back to strict bedtimes and the dreaded homework.

Kids aren’t the only ones who suffer from the “back to school blues”. Parents feel the sting of the blues, too. In fact, Moms Uncut surveyed 23 of our squad members in reference to this. Only three members feel indifferent about the back to school season. While the other 20 feel, well, some type of way.

The “back to school blues” impacts parents from all walks of life. Single moms that work three jobs to stay at home dads all experience it. So, don’t worry about feeling a certain type of way if your kids are going back to school. Just know that you’re not alone.

“Back to School Blues” doesn’t impact us all the same.

One great thing about our survey results is the diversity of the responses. Not all parents experience the “back to school blues” for the same reasons. But, it seems as if a lot of parents are on the same page as their kids. That’s because, many agreed that homework sucks!

Homework, of course, isn’t the only complaint parents have. Leaving the “fun of Summer” behind also tugs at a lot of parents’ heart-strings. Having extra duties and alarm clocks also have an impact on the “back to school blues”.

Back to School: The Frugal Guide I Use

Money also plays a big factor. Especially added with all of the expenses life throws at us already. It is possible to conquer back to school in an affordable way. But, I’m guilty of going “over the edge” for my little dinosaurs. So, I personally know it isn’t’ always possible. Well, anything is possible. (We all know that isn’t quite true. I mean, I’d love to turn into a dog. That isn’t possible. But, I’m staying positive.) But, c’mon, we’re humans. Mistakes, remember?

Back to School Blues

Then, if you’re super cool — unlike myself — your kid is involved in some great after school activities. It’s well known how much time, money, and dedication these little “memory makers” cost. Plus, it may just be me, but it seems like the school wants money for something on a regular basis. Education is super important, though. So, we do what we have to.

The “back to school blues” doesn’t last all year.

All it takes is an excited announcement from your kid for the blues of going back to school to become a distant memory. They may have aced that quiz both of you worried so much about. Maybe they discovered something new that they never knew they could do. Your little girl may have just found her first “official” boyfriend. You can worry about that heartache later. Just enjoy her excitement for now. Plus, give her a 3-hour long lecture about safe sex.


I’m currently experiencing the transition between the “back to school blues” and excitement. I’m still whining about the whole alarm clock thing. My daughter does NOT like to wake up. But, her teacher is amazing and so involved. She has learned SO much in just a week. I’m hearing words and phrases come out of her mouth I never thought I’d hear. This has really got me excited about what she’s going to grow up to achieve.

Apparently, we’re going to “miss” the back to school blues.

Recently, a friend and I we’re having a discussion about Moms Uncut’s survey on back to school blues. Out of nowhere, she went Darius Rucker on me. She told me “you’re going to miss this”. I know the crazy look on my face probably offended her some. But, I was shocked. Instant reaction, my bad.

In reality, she made a legit point on while we will miss the back to school season. See, she’s already juggled the feelings associated with going back to school. Both of her kids are out of school and currently working in the deadly corporate world. Yep, fun adult stuff.Back to School Blues

She explained to me that both of her sons left for college over 400 miles away right out of high school. They must’ve liked where they were. Because, both of her boys decided to secure jobs in their old college area. One son has already began a family.

She tries to visit as often as she can. She’s also a worker of the corporate world though. As a result, visiting her boys isn’t as often as she’d like. We all know it’s hard going from being with someone every day to rarely. When you care about that person, it’s a tough situation.

In the beginning, she tried to get at least daily phone conversations with her boys. These conversations turned into “I’ll call you back.” and forwarded calls. Eventually, she began to back off. Only texting her boys once in awhile.

Texting leaves them the opportunity to reply whenever they were available. Which, according to her, it isn’t often she gets a reply. Yet, she still is so understanding when it comes to that they’re humans just like you and I. Of course, just a little older than what we’ve known. They have lives and business to handle. All of the things she once complained about handling, they are now doing themselves.

This intelligent, graceful lady added the cherry to the top at the end of our conversation. She stated that she now appreciates the worry, the sleepless nights, and back to school blues. Now she no longer hears about quizzes that are aced. Most of the time it’s hard to even have a conversation with them about their achievements.

Thankfully, they haven’t kept her completely hanging. When they were in college, she made all the trips to visit them due to finances. Now that they have “adult jobs”, they have made the effort to visit at least once a year. Even if it’s just for her bangin’ mac and cheese during Thanksgiving. I can totally say that, too. I’ve tried it.

My 6-year-old daughter says 2,000+ words before breakfast. So, if this pulled at my heart-strings, I’m sure it will yours, too. I can’t imagine going so long without talking to my little chatterbox.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably still gripe about back to school. That’s just who I am. But, her story really reminded me that one day we’ll want to spend this time with them. So, parents, remember you may be struggling right now. But, Darius Rucker was totally right. You’re gonna miss this. Maybe not today, or in the next 12 years. It’s going to happen though.

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