The first idea was hypocritical. We're ready to move on from that.

Don't let the name fool you. Moms Uncut isn't just for moms. Survey says, there's a few dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, teachers, and more in the mix. As you can read above, the original idea behind Moms Uncut didn't quite pan out the way we'd hoped. Thankfully, after a few "coming to the light" talks with myself, I realized my idea was super hypocritical. Yeah, I had a hard time admitting that one. Must be a Leo thing. 


An edgy, no fox given type of blog dedicated to, of course, moms. Along with that vision came the need to create a positive blog about parenting. As a whole, the goal was to create a blog that was a mix of the wrong two things. My brain just couldn't comprehend it. While that may not be saying much, I knew I should change something up. 

You see, the original vision would've presented a rough around the edge Moms Uncut. Where you would see everything about motherhood. Raw, unfiltered, and uncensored. Three things I am not. Also, being from a small Southern town, I don't know many people like that at all. So, how could I possibly portray a life I had no idea about? That has false advertising all over it! Nope. Not doing it. 


I'd like to think of the new vision as magical. (Is the unicorn too much?) Because I feel as if I have finally found the perfect balance that I'm happy with and you can appreciate, too. Instead of flaunting an edgy tone, we're flaunting a more accepting and friendly tone with a little fun hidden throughout. Because we get it. Parenthood is tough

As parents were reminded every day of what society expects of us. Many of us try so hard to keep up with these expectations. There's so many of us that do such a great job at going above and beyond. (Pinterest lunchbox mom, I'm looking at you girl! Jealous.) Regardless of all these fake milestones you reach, there's only one thing that matters at the end of the day. You and yours. I suppose that's two, or ten, things. 

What I'm getting at is, parenting is a hard job. It's not for the faint of heart or germaphobe. Because kids just come with germs. Lots of them. That's how they manufacture them. 😉 I truly believe it's super important for us to support and encourage other parents the most we can. I know you can't please everyone. But you never know whose day you could make 1000xs better. 

I finally feel comfortable declaring Moms Uncut is slowly transforming into the spot for a judgment-free parenting zone. 



Get in Touch


Hey ya'll! I'm Alicia and I'm a mom and blogger from Georgia.  I know you noticed the "ya'll". 😉 

I've been blessed with the perfect pair: my son and my daughter. My son is a 2015 baby and my daughter is an older model from 2011. Those two are what have completely changed my world around and my living room upside down. Of course, I couldn't truthfully create Moms Uncut without these two little rugrats either. 

My life hasn't always been about blogging. In fact, I just recently left a 10+ year career in the pet industry. Talk about heartbreaking. If you've ever worked in the pet industry, you realize it is almost impossible to leave it. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, it was a choice I had to make. 

I'm really glad you're here and hope you'll reach out! I love adding new people to my "Parenthood is Tough" tribe. Especially if you like to talk Autism and Epilepsy.