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About Moms Uncut

Are you looking for stories about successful 30-minute Pinterest projects? What about success stories that revolve around moms who hold down 3 jobs, 14 after school activities, and homemade cookies every night? Then, quite frankly, you’re in the wrong place!

Moms Uncut doesn’t believe in “mom fails”. But, if you must call them that, we sure as heck don’t shame them! Instead, Moms Uncut celebrates these so-called “mom fails”. Moms Uncut: Mom Fails? No! Mom Celebrations!

Pretty much, we’re shutting the front door on all the things the world considers failures. 

We like to think that all moms, moms-to-be, past moms, and hopeful moms are doing a darn good job. Regardless of what they get done in a day. They’re being a mom and that’s a tough job.

The Faces Behind Moms Uncut

If you’re reading this, you’re one of the faces behind Moms Uncut. That’s because, without our audience, we wouldn’t exist.

All of our content is composed by moms who we kidnap on social media. Okay, maybe kidnap is an inappropriate word. Let us rephrase that last statement.

All of our content is composed by awesome moms. Awesome moms that slide into our DM’s. All in order to share their awesomeness with us. Of course, so we can share it with the rest of the world!

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So, you want a little bit of the piece of the pie?! There we go again. Using inappropriate phrases. We shouldn’t call our awesome Moms Uncut audience “pieces of pie”. But, there are the pieces that make OUR pie whole!

Reach your mom audience with Moms UncutWhen you advertise with Moms Uncut, you’re getting a “dream team” audience. Our tribe consist of the old, young, and in-between. Moms, grandparents, dads, kids, and even kangaroos love us!

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Do you have a story to tell? If you answered “yes”, then Moms Uncut wants to welcome you as a “promoter” to our team.

We’re all about top secret. As a result, we don’t want to share ALL the juicy details here.

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